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Spray Painted Blinds

Yes, you CAN spray paint your blinds! When we moved into our 2nd home there were light brown blinds in every room and they didn’t match the rest of our home decor and colors. With the right decor, these could be beautiful, but they just didn’t go with anything we had.

These aren’t pictures of your blinds, they’re pictures of your kids! I was just beating you to it:) For anyone who has read multiple posts of mine you’ve probably already seen some of my back-in-the-day posts. I’ve been DIYing for so long and only started blogging about 2 months ago. There are so many things I’ve learned that I want to share, so for any of my older posts you have to suffer through the grainy pictures where I just happened to get parts of my house in the background. Yes, those are Pokemon. He was very proud.

We had just bought this house and had a small budget for upgrades, which went towards concrete in the backyard, carpet and tile. New blinds were not the highest priority, but how mismatched they were with the rest of the house drove me crazy and I wondered if we could paint them. I knew it would have to be spray paint or else it would take FOREVER, right? Everyone I mentioned it to gave me a questioning look and/or told me they didn’t think you could spray paint blinds.

I started searching online because I knew someone, somewhere had spray painted their blinds and wrote about it online. It wasn’t easy to find, but finally I found someone who had actually done it! Stephanie from Frugal Home Ideas writes a whole tutorial and has pictures and everything of how she hung her blinds from their swing set and spray painted them. Check it out here.

She sprayed hers in a rich, dark brown

I was going for a gray and white color scheme so we painted ours white. Whatever color you choose, make sure you use Rust-oleum spray paint…it’s the best! We used the suggested swing set method and it worked brilliantly. Just make sure you cover your swing set so you don’t end up painting that too.

Here are after pictures:

How to spray paint window blinds

How to spray paint window blinds



If you already know how to spray paint, you’re good to go…tie the blinds to a swing set and start spraying! If you’ve never used spray paint before, I’d practice on something less valuable first. Make sure you shake the can really really well first, keep the can about 12″ from the blinds while you’re spraying, and keep your arm moving back and forth as you spray. If you stay too long in one spot, you’ll get drips.


How to spray paint window blinds

How to spray paint window blinds

Don’t want to forget this idea?

AND…’s the best closeup picture I have.

My kids went through an “I want to stick my face in a whip cream pie on my birthday” phase one year. Which I totally get. I always wanted to do that when I was a kid too.

We did kind-of get lazy with the blinds (it is a process) towards the end, so there was a certain time during the day (just a few hours) when you could see the spots that we missed if you were looking for it. Just make sure you do a thorough job and look at the blinds from multiple angles before you decide you’re finished. I wish I could remember how many cans of spray paint we used, but I don’t. I just know it was A LOT. I want to say more than a dozen, but you can’t really trust my memory. Better to buy too many and have to return some later than be in the middle of painting, run out, and have to run to the store.


Have you tried this or something else where everyone told you it couldn’t be done or it wasn’t a good idea?  I’d love to hear the stories and see pictures if you have them!


  1. Oh Spray Paint! How do I love thee! Let me count the ways…. I just found a lady who spray painted her pampas grass! I got so excited. And I found another lady who spray painted her refrigerator door handles GOLD! I was giddy!
    I am in the process of spray painting my bathroom light fixtures. what next????
    🙂 gwingal

  2. I LOVE this idea. They look awesome. We recently bought a fixer upper so I will keep this in mind! Also, I love the pie in the face pic. When I turned seven, all I wanted for my birthday was for someone to throw a pie in my face. So my parents bought a bunch of pie tins and whipped cream, and my cousins and I all just threw pie at other. Total blast!

  3. Bloody brilliant Sara! Quick question – would you have tried it anyway if you hadn’t have read how Stephanie did it? (Because spray painting blinds sounds crazy until you see other people doing it.) xx

    1. I’m not sure what I would’ve ended up doing! I found another blog where someone completely dismantled their blinds and painted each slat individually, and I’m way too lazy for that (and wouldn’t trust myself to put them back together and have them not look all askew) so I probably wouldn’t have tried that way. There’s a chance I may have concocted my own way of doing it and ended up with some sort of disaster and ended up buying new ones, haha. I’m just really glad I ended up finding her post!

  4. Haha, get such a kick reading comments, be amazed what can be learned.
    Every time I find something not to my liking first thing out of my mouth is “will just paint it” drives hubs crazy. Says not everything can be painted, well why in heck not? Worth a try isn’t it? In my book it is. Have proved him wrong in many instances but am careful not to say “I told you so”. Haven’t been married for over 48 yrs. for nothing kids.
    You proved my point and good for you hunting til you found what you needed. Oh how I love bloggers.
    Have wonderful Easter. Your blinds look great, great saver.

    1. Haha! So many people have said similar things about their husbands…for some reason some are untrusting when it comes to paint. My husband was a little wary when I first suggested it, but it helped when I told him all about how I read a blog and saw that someone had actually done it. He ended up helping me through the whole process. At this point he’s used to me painting almost everything I can get my hands on! Happy Easter:)

  5. What a fabulous idea! I know just what you mean about mismatched stuff – when we moved into our house we were given some curtains…enough for every room except Zach’s which we bought need ones for. I was grateful that it saved us money having to buy them but they were awful and clashed with everything! We’ve managed to replace the living room ones but despite decorating our bedroom, I haven’t managed to find any that I like so far so they are still there…clashing! Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  6. This is a fabulous idea! I would have never thought to do this, but now I know how 🙂 Thanks for sharing this at the #happynowlinkup

  7. Great idea Sara. I’m so glad you did all the searching leg work too, we’ve been wanting to paint our blinds for a while but the how to always put me off.

    1. Yeah, it’s a scary idea because it’d be almost an impossible fix if you mess up something like that. I figured we’d eventually replace them anyway, so at the worst we’d be replacing them sooner than later or just have some funky looking blinds for awhile if I messed it up. Now that I’ve done it I can say that as long as you know how to spray paint without getting drips then it’s actually a really easy project!

  8. Thank you for sharing your wonderful post at #OverTheMoon. I look forward to what you will share next week! Like someone in person today! We hope you’ll come back again next Sunday when we open our doors at 6:00 PM EST. Pinned and tweeted!

  9. I am so excited that I found this post. I have some huge mini blinds in our second home that were custom made but strange colors. Now I know how to fix them. I love spray paint and actually all paints.

  10. They look beautiful! How was your experience with the strings? Did you paint those? If so, do the blinds still go up and down okay?

    1. Thanks! I was worried about the strings before I did this project, but the blinds still worked perfectly. If you touch the strings you can feel that they are a bit stiff compared to what they originally were, but as far as functionality goes they’re great!

  11. Wow!! This is such a cool idea. I would have never thought of spray painting blinds! I mean who would have thought?! And btw, that close-up pic is really cute and funny hehee 😀 Thanks a lot for sharing this cool post at the Family Joy Blog link up party! Pinned your post.

  12. New blinds are so expensive, it’s good to know you can give the old ones a makeover with spray paint. I think they match and look a lot better now, of course. My blinds are white, but they are sunfaded and could probably use a fresh coat of bright white paint to make them look better. Pinning your post in case I decide to take on my blinds this summer! #HomeMattersParty

  13. I never would’ve thought of spray painting blinds! What a great idea and money saver! And I had to chuckle at the Pokemon cards – I could probably make a trail a mile long with the amount my 9 year old has collected! #HomeMattersParty

  14. I came across spray painting blinds while looking for darker blinds. I have white ones currently and a lot of sun gets in a room that faces west. Do you think spray painting them darker would get the same effect as buying new darker ones? Thanks!!

    1. I’ve never had dark blinds, but I assume it would. In Arizona we got screens that blocked sun put on the outside of our windows and that helped a lot. In Alaska we put foil on the windows, haha….we did it to block the light, but it ended up helping with the summer heat too.

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