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Nightstand Repurposed Into A Drink Cart

Would you buy something like this if you saw it in a thrift store? It actually wasn’t in horrible condition. What’s fun about learning how to paint and fix up furniture is that when you see a piece with scratches, dings, discoloration, and all that, you don’t see a messed up piece of furniture destined for the dump, you see a chance to get a gorgeous addition to your home for a very low price! Or, if you decide to get into furniture flipping, you see a way to make money from home doing something that’s fun, and a chance to make someone else happy by selling them something beautiful that they’ll love.


Old Nightstand Repurposed to Drink Cart


Not sure why, but to me this looks like college student furniture. Something you’d see in a dorm room, you know? What mattered to me was that it was a sturdy piece that didn’t need much of an overhaul (sometimes I’m willing to fix up broken furniture, and sometimes I just want to paint).

If you’d like instructions on how to paint and get a smooth finish, check out the post I did on this side table.

Accent Table with Chalk Paint DIY


On the blue table I used chalk paint, so I skipped the sanding and priming. For this nightstand, I lightly sanded then did 1 coat of primer (applied with the same technique I describe for painting in the tutorial for the blue table) followed by 2 coats of gray paint. If you’re starting with a darker piece, you may need 2 coats of primer.


How to prime and paint laminate furniture


Put some sort of protective coat on it. I like General Finishes Top Coat.


Before I started all the painting, I unrolled the White-Grey Marble Film that EZFauxDecor sent me to try out. I was not paid in any way for this post; the company sent this product to me to use it and see what I thought of it. To see my thoughts on this product, along with instructions on how to apply it to furniture, check out my Kitchen Island IKEA Hack post. I wanted to leave it unrolled for a couple of hours to rest before I applied it.

EZFaux Decor White-Gray Marble Film


This nightstand already had casters on it, but it’s really easy to attach some and you can find all different sizes at your local hardware store.

Nightstand repurposed into a drink cart with EZFaux Décor on top!


Right now EZFaux Décor is giving away a 12-foot roll of this white-grey marble! Contest ends April 24th. Click the button below to enter!


EZFaux Décor Spring Giveaway!


how to turn a nightstand into drink cart. ezfaux décor white-gray marble film.


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You could get even more creative with this and add some hooks inside to hold mugs or something. What would add to this if it was your project? I’d love to hear fun ideas for this, so leave a comment!


  1. Love it! I have a bit of a tea obsession, so I’m Thinking I might add a slide out drawer to house my tea tins. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Found you through The Creative Corner linkup.

  2. Love the look with the faux marble and actually have considered it for a small chest of drawers I have. You’ve inspired me to take the plunge when I get around to that project! Thanks Sara for sharing.

  3. The transformation really changes the look of the piece, and The contact paper really is a easy so
    Union for achieving the faux marble! Thanks for sharing your project at #FridaysFurnitureFix

  4. You’re right. It did start out looking like a nightstand from a college dorm room, circa 1980 — ha-ha. Great job on this repurpose project. Your care in painting and achieving a smooth finish really pays off. The faux marble film looks like a really interesting product. Thanks for introducing it.

  5. I feel the same way, sometimes I am willing to spend hours and hours fixing a piece of furniture, and sometimes I just need a quick makeover. Your drink cart looks amazing, love the color with the contact paper.
    I picked this as my feature for this week’s party, congratulations!

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