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Kitchen Island Ikea Hack

This island is great for a smaller kitchen or would be great placed at the end of an already-existing island. Start with 2 Ikea Lack Tables. They are $9.99 each at Ikea, but I’ve found them on Craigslist or at garage sales for $5 each. I got these 2 for free because someone left them outside and they had water damage.

For a long time we had them stacked in the garage and used them as a place to hold boots, so I didn’t worry about fixing them up. Because of the water damage, some of the sides were peeling away.

To fix this, use Liquid Nails to glue it down…

Then use tape to hold it in place while the glue dries…


I added casters to make it more versatile. This way it could be a BBQ cart or drink cart or a movable island. A few days after I completed the project I was rolling it and one of the casters just ripped right off. This may have been due to the water damage, but since the legs are basically made of smashed together wood chips it might not be the best idea to add casters.




Use Liquid Nails in a zigzag shape on the bottom of each leg of one of the tables, then stack it on top of the other one. You’ll need to put some pressure on the tables, so it’s probably a good idea to turn them upside down to connect them.



If you’re going to use paint, prime with a bonding/stainblocking primer first.

I started out wanting the island to be blue, but really didn’t like how it looked.

I decided to go with Rustoleum Metallic Flat Soft Iron spray paint instead. If you do this, you don’t need to prime first.


If you have 3 Lack tables, you could use the top from the 3rd table as the bottom rack. I only had 2, so I used scrap wood I had in the garage.

It would take way too much spray paint to cover the bare wood, so I painted them all black first, then spray painted. It only takes 1 coat of spray paint this way.


First, I measured the distance between two legs and cut two pieces to go on opposite sides of the table legs (parallel to each other).


I checked for fit, then painted before drilling.

Use Kreg Jig to create pocket holes


Drill one pocket hole on each side

I was alone and didn’t have anyone to hold the wood in place, so I taped  each side down so it wouldn’t fall while I was screwing it in.  Do the same thing on the opposite side (parallel to this piece of wood).

Because I was using what I had, for the pieces perpendicular to the ones I just attached I used three 4″ pieces and two 2″ pieces. For the 4″ pieces I drilled 2 pocket holes in each side. Measure all of these pieces AFTER you attach the first two because if not you’ll probably end up making extra cuts later.

I alternated the 4″ and 2″ pieces of wood and spaced them out evenly.



If you want, add some hardware. I used L-shaped brackets from the hardware section of Lowe’s. Make sure you drill holes before you add the screws. To get the holes drilled in the right spot, I held up the bracket where I wanted it and drilled.



Ez Faux Decor sent me some of their white marble product to try out. You apply it the same way you apply contact paper, but can’t really call it contact paper because it’s so much thicker and more durable. It’s somewhere in between contact paper and laminate. Other than the product sent, I am not being compensated by EZ Faux Decor for this review and all opinions expressed are my own.

If we weren’t renting, I would’ve 100% used it to cover all of the horrible 1970s laminate counters that are in the kitchen and bathrooms in this house. I was skeptical about whether or not it would hold up to all the use counters get in a kitchen, but found this video where a woman gives an update 3 years after installing the EZ Faux Decor in her kitchen and she seems really happy with it. I haven’t personally used it in a kitchen so can’t give opinions on that, but you can watch the video and see what you think.

They also sent me some stainless steel that can be used to make a fridge or dishwasher look like it’s stainless steel, but I haven’t started a project using it yet. Our fridge and dishwasher are already stainless steel or I would have definitely used it for that!


For the corners…

Make a cut at a 45-degree angle at the corner


Wrap one side around


Trim off excess with X-acto knife


Wrap the other side around and trim excess


Here’s what the corners look like – you’ll be able to see an angled line


I wrapped the corners so that 2 sides of the island didn’t have lines showing and 2 sides did

In the picture above, you can see that some of the paint peeled off when I was applying the EZ Faux Decor. You could protect the paint job with paper and painter’s tape to avoid this problem. I didn’t want to paint after applying the EZ Faux Decor because I didn’t want to get any paint on it.

In case some paint does come off, here’s how I solved that problem…

I taped the EZ Faux Decor, then held some cardboard up to block any rogue spray and spray painted over the parts that came off.

Thoughts on applying the EZ Faux Decor:

First of all, both the stainless steel and white marble are BEAUTIFUL and they actually look like stainless steel and marble! I was so impressed when they arrived. It really is a gorgeous product.

I applied it using only my hands instead of using a squeegee and because of this ended up with a few bubbles. I can only see them at certain angles so I’m fine with it, but for a kitchen counter I’d DEFINITELY use the squeegee that comes with it.

I love that you can reposition the paper as much as you want. I was doing this project alone (if you have 2 people it’s WAY easier) and had to reposition about half a dozen times and it was totally fine. It takes awhile to fully cure, which allows you to reposition but ends up sticking strongly long-term.

So how difficult is it to apply? Easier than contact paper, so if you’ve done a good job applying contact paper before, this is a bit easier than that because you can reposition much more easily than you can with contact paper.

The hardest part of the application is the corners. You have to spend time on them and be precise to get them to look good. Watching a video on how to do the corners first will help. Basically, if you can stay patient and do this the right way, it will end up looking awesome. If you rush it, it’s probably not going to look great when you look up close.

The marble is shiny and reflective just like real marble. I love it!

Would I purchase this product for my kitchen or bathroom? If I was at a point where I couldn’t afford granite for a few more years, I would purchase this in a heartbeat to cover laminate or outdated counters. Right now we’re renting, so it’s not an option for home improvement and I’m using it on furniture instead and have been SO happy with it!



This little cart frees up SO MUCH space from our kitchen cupboards and counters, which is a big deal since the kitchen in our rental in teeny tiny.



And look how gorgeous the top turned out!

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  1. Love this IKEA hack! I have 2 Lack tables right now (they are so useful!) Now I think they are even better after seeing what you can do with them. The faux marble looks really good, too. #HomeMattersParty

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