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How to Paint an Ombré Dresser

I’ve been wanting to try out an ombré dresser for awhile. This one from Salvation Army was pretty gross. I had clean and sand for awhile to get it ready to paint. Starting out with good prep and a clean surface makes ALL the difference when you’re painting furniture.


I started with 1 coat of primer. On the body of the dresser, I followed that up with 2-3 coats of white paint. For this piece I used Rustoleum’s Heirloom White. For instructions on how to prep and paint, check out the this post.


While waiting for the paint to dry, I set up all the hardware on a cardboard box to spray paint.



For this one I used Rustoleum Metallic in Flat Soft Iron.


After the coat of primer on the drawers was dry, I got the 3 colors ready. I went through some trial and error with this part, but I ended up using a custom color for the bottom drawer (no name for this color…I mixed it using 4 different blues I had on hand, playing with it until I like the color).


Bottom Drawer: Dark Color

Middle Drawer : 2 parts dark to 1 part white

Top Drawer: 1 part dark to 1.5 parts white



Paint your drawers, then wait for it to dry completely and look at the colors. If you want the middle or top drawer to be lighter or darker, you can add more white or dark paint, respectively, until you get the color you want.


Here’s the final product. The top drawer is showing up a little darker than it looked in real life…there’s actually a bit more contrast between the middle and top drawers. I think it’s a really fun look, and for any of you who paint to sell, this piece sold really quickly. Pink drawers for a girl’s room would be really cute, too.



Don’t forget this idea!




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  1. Sara, Love the ombre look on this little dresser. Like the painted handles and knobs much better too. Thanks for sharing with us! ~Laurie

  2. I want to do something similar for my daughter’s really old dresser. For some reason, I was thinking I would have to get a bunch of different shades of purple from the same paint card (like sample sizes). But dark purple and white paint is sooooo much easier!

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