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How to Paint a Table and Chairs

I always keep an eye out for cheap furniture on Craigslist or at garage sales. Most of the time it’s scratched or damaged in some way, but all it usually takes is an easy, quick fix. Being willing to fix furniture is the best way to save lots of money on a purchase (or make a lot more if you’re flipping it because the price margin is so much greater for a piece that was originally damaged).

This table was sagging in the middle and had a lot of surface scratches, so we got it with 6 chairs for $40.

This is another project that I did years ago and don’t have any before or step-by-step pictures, but you can read about the painting process I used in my farmhouse console post.

I used the same brush-and-roll method for both the table and the chairs. The only difference is that I did use 3 coats of poly on the table top because as a dining table I knew it would get a ton of wear.



I have done many painting projects, including the cabinets in 2 different kitchens and a total of 6 bathrooms. Of all the painting I’ve done, I have to say that painting chairs is my LEAST favorite thing to paint. It takes FOREVER because there are so many crevices to dig the brush into. And since I did 4 coats (2 primer, 2 paint), it was really not fun. In the future, I will definitely use a sprayer to paint chairs.

Reupholstering a chair is so easy. Don’t be afraid to try it if you haven’t before. It’s really one of those “anyone can do it” projects.

  1. Use a screwdriver to detach the seat from the chair
  2. Remove old fabric
  3. Use old fabric to trace a pattern onto your new fabric
  4. Cut out new fabric
  5. Wrap over seat cushion and staple with a staple gun
  6. Pay attention to make sure the corners look nice


I used the same fabric I had used on our ottoman.



Sand the whole table first.


Do 2 coats primer, 2 coats paint, 2-3 coats of some type of something protective. If you need details on how to paint and what type of paint or primer to use, click here.

Since I was taking these pictures back in the day, not for a blog, they are horrible…sorry.


Nighttime picture


Brother-in-law on the couch in the background, nephew’s head in front:)

Ok, I might as well just show you the whole scene. The cousins were visiting and had just picked a bunch of lemons from the cocktail tree in the backyard. (It grows limes during part of the year and lemons during another part. I’d never hear of one of these tree before, so it was really confusing at first. “Wait, isn’t that the tree we picked limes from? These looks like lemons. Were they lemons before and we just picked them too early so they were green? Etc). Anyways, they took the lemons and were making lemonade. The table’s in the background.



To fix the problem of the sagging middle, we used metal plates (like the ones on the back of our headboard) for extra support. It did still sag a little bit over time, but was still way better than it was originally.

Blurry, but it’s the best pic I’ve got

Moral of today’s post: Even if you don’t have a blog, take good pictures…you never know if you’ll need them someday!

What’s the best deal you’ve found on furniture? Did you end up fixing it up or painting it? Share your pictures in the comments below!


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