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How to Fix Sun-Damaged Furniture

Someone left a pair of these chairs on out the curb for free. I can definitely see how someone could look at this and think that it doesn’t have any life left. If you’re tempted to get rid of outdoor furniture just because it’s faded, read this post and check out the before and after pictures first! All these chairs needed was a coat of stain and a few screws tightened.

how to repair faded furniture

Sorry for the blurry picture…this is another project that I did years and years ago and this is just a quick pic I took with my phone.


This was my first time staining furniture and I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but since they were free I wasn’t too worried. Curbside or free Craigslist furniture is always a good way to go when you’re trying out a new technique! Luckily I had some leftover stain from the Plank Style Headboard I had recently built and stained. On raw wood, this stain shows up very gray with a slight hint of purple to it, which I fixed by whitewashing the headboard. However, on this chair the stain came out EXACTLY how I was hoping it would on the headboard.

rustoleum weathered gray wood stain


To apply the stain, use an old rag or t-shirt cut into pieces, dip it in the stain, then rub it on the furniture. It’s even easier than painting. If you’re working on something with lots of crevices you may want to use a foam brush to get into the hard-to-reach areas. You can protect it with a coat of poly or finishing wax.
Here’s the before and after. Blurry, I know, but hopefully still good enough to give you an idea of the color of the stain. I didn’t even sand the chair down or do any prep work besides cleaning it.



I put the two chairs on our front porch. I built that little table by attaching some old, beat-up planks I picked up somewhere (probably someone’s curb) and staining them with Weathered Gray. This was before I owned a Kreg Jig or knew how to build furniture, so I just nailed all the planks to a couple perpendicular pieces of wood. I attached the top to some legs from a little table that I also found left out on a curb because it had a top that was destroyed. Anytime you come across furniture with even a few parts intact, grab it! You never know what you can create.

The pillow in the background was something I made by taking some leftover material I had from recovering barstools. Awhile back I had bought a few little pillows that size for my kids to use while we were traveling since they take up way less space in the car than a regular pillow does, so I just grabbed one of those. And that’s my daughter having a tea party with the tea set we found at the local thrift store.


fix sun-damaged furniture with stain

Don’t forget this idea!




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  1. Great transformation! I think most people would just pass them by without a second look. I need to pay more attention to things like that myself!

  2. Those look fantastic, Sara. I’m amazed at how good they turned out. Better than new. I’m featuring these tonight. Scheduled to our Pinterest boards. Thanks for sharing at To Grandma’s House We Go.

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