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How to Create a Weathered Wood Finish

This guy was not in good shape aesthetically, but had solid construction.


One of the great things about learning how to fix furniture is that a lot of people either don’t know how or think it’s not worth their time. They end up getting rid of furniture like this for pretty cheap, since it’s broken or ruined in their opinion. I found this little dresser for free.

A lot of times I’ll find dressers with broken drawers that people are giving away or selling at a heavily discounted price. This is also an easy fix. They sell tracks for the drawers at hardware stores, and they’re really easy to install. Don’t let a broken drawer deter you from getting a beautiful piece of furniture! Over the years, I have made thousands of dollars just taking furniture people thought was ruined, fixing it up and reselling it.



I hate sanding. You hate sanding. We avoid it if we can. But you know who likes to sand? Kids. I let my kids sand down the entire top.



Kids in their “paint clothes” helping out:)

Having my kids sand for me was brilliant, until I heard my older son yell, “Hey mom, if you tilt the sander on it’s side and push really hard, the paint comes right off!” Yes, true. It also makes divots in your furniture. Luckily, we were going for a “weathered” look, so it wasn’t horrible in this case.

Moral: If you are going to let your kids sand your furniture, give them an adequate training session of the do’s and dont’s first.

Sanded dresser top


With chalk paint you usually don’t have to sand, but because this top had scratched paint we needed to level it out.

I always mix my own chalk paint using paint, water and Plaster of Paris. I have never bought chalk paint before. Plaster of Paris is incredibly cheap and this carton has lasted me for years. Doing it this way also allows me to customize the paint to any color I want. To see how to make your own chalk paint, click here.

Money saver

I started by making light gray chalk paint and covering the top.

Dresser top with light gray paint

For some reason I never like paint colors I buy from the store. I always end up making my own colors. I do the same thing with lipstick –always at least 2-3 colors mixed on my lips to get a color I like. Anyways…this gray was too light, so I added some brown and dark gray craft paint to it until I got a shade that I liked.

I dry brushed 2 coats of the dark gray, then topped that with very light and random dry brushing with white paint.


The dark wax brings out rich tones in your piece. To see how to make your own dark wax, click here.


Remove all the hardware (kids also like doing this part).

Sand it down and paint with chalk paint. Replace the hardware.

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  1. What a great transformation for this little chest of drawers, I am sure whoever got rid of this piece would love the new look. I did not know it was possible to make your own dark wax, I’ll definitely check out your post about that, too. #HomeMattersParty

  2. I hate sanding too! will try with the kids for sure!!! hahaha Love your whetered look. Keeping a mental note to come back here for the recipe with plaster of Paris. Even better, I’ll pin it so I don’t forget!

  3. I love making my own chalk paint. I get lots of sample cans from work so I always use them as a base and tint with other colors or acrylic craft paint. Thanks for sharing at #HomeMattersParty

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