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How to Build a Farmhouse Table with Angled Legs

There are a lot of plans out there for this style of table with straight 4×4 legs, but I really like the look when the legs are just a bit angled. The only change you have to make is to cut the legs at 10-degree angles at the top and bottom (parallel cuts). I used 1″ x 12″ boards for the top (because they’re so much easier to work with than 2″ boards) and built a border around it to make them look thicker, just like I did for this table. Here is the top, connected with a Kreg Jig.

I used 4x4s for the legs (cut at 10 degrees) and 2x4s for the trestle piece and the pieces connecting the legs. You can also see the 1×2 added underneath the top to make it look thicker.

For the bench, I used a 2″ x 12″ board for the top and 4x4s for the legs. If I were to build it again, I might use 2x4s for the legs…the 4x4s looked a little too chunky for the bench. Or I’d keep the 4×4 legs and make the bench wider.

There were places on the tabletop where one board was popping up higher than the one next to it, so I added these little boards of scrap wood perpendicular to the table boards, which pulled the boards level.

I use a Rigid Orbital sander for sanding. It was expensive, but has lasted over a decade so far.


To stain the boards, I started with Minwax wood conditioner so my stain would not end up all splotchy.

Then, 2 coats of Minwax Dark Walnut stain. I apply this stain using an old t-shirt cut into pieces, or an old shop rag if I have one. Make sure to wear gloves, it gets messy!

Last, protect your work with 2 coats of finishing wax (I use Minwax). I also use a rag or t-shirt for this. It’s so easy to apply, you really can’t mess it up.

This is another project that I did years ago before I had even thought of starting a blog, so the pictures are not great, but here’s the final product…

I built the blue table with the scrap wood from this and one other project. Once you learn how to use a Kreg Jig , you really can just start creating your own furniture. I sold the table and bench for $300 (probably could have got $400, but when the nice lady from Craigslist asked if I’d take $300 I said yes and she was so happy that I didn’t mind selling for less). I’m sharing this with you to give you an idea of what you can make if you decide to build and sell. I’ve seen people advertise on Craigslist, saying they’ll make a table and 2 benches the color of your choice for $500.


So if you’re making one to sell, I’d recommend building 2 benches because you can sell for a much higher price (depends on the economy in your area, but I’d list it for $450-500).

The $300 I made on this more than paid for the Kreg Jig, lumber and all the screws, stain, etc. Even if you’re a total beginner, they make it simple because they include a CD that teaches you how to use the Kreg Jig…it’s pretty simple and straightforward. If you’re making it for yourself and not to sell, it’s still much cheaper to build your own table (even including the cost of a Kreg Jig).

Can you tell how much I love the Kreg? It’s my “can’t live without it” tool.


This was the first table I ever built, so I didn’t fully know what I was doing yet. You can see that I attached the legs directly to the tabletop instead of building a frame and supports.

If you want to see step-by-step instructions, I found a table that is really similar to this one at and he has lots of great pictures.

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  1. Thanks for sharing!!! This is my favourite post of yours! 🙂 The table looks amazing 🙂 PS thanks for stopping by my blog 🙂 Maybe we can do a collab for a DIY based on things found round the house 🙂

  2. Love the table! I would love to try and make a farmhouse table for my basement kitchen some day. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  3. You’re so talented! We purchased a Kreg Jig mini and I really don’t know how we ever lived without it. I can see Kreg Jig products becoming an obsession 😉 While I haven’t built furniture, it’s definitely something I plan on doing. Thank you for sharing! Pinning

  4. I’m loving you table and bench Sara. Those angled legs make such a big difference to the whole look, kinda sleek gorgeous 😉 I’ve always wanted a Kreg Jig, always, but we haven’t been able to afford it yet. One day, I just have to start saving a bit harder after seeing what you’ve done with yours.

    1. Thanks Michelle! I know, the price is steep. My husband got it for me for Mother’s Day one year and I was a bit guilty/ stressed out about the price so I made this table to sell and recoup the money spent, haha. They have a mini Kreg Jig for $19 that you clamp onto a piece of wood to make pocket holes, which I think would be easier to use in certain circumstances.

  5. Great job! I wish my husband could do things like this, but I married a musician…. the rest is history! LOL Thanks for sharing. They just don’t make things like this anymore.

  6. This is gorgeous! I have been brainstorming a table project for our patio, and I have wanted something within my skill level. I’ll keep this on my list for sure! I’ll also be sharing it this week on The Creative Circle Link Party. Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

  7. Wow I really like this! The angled legs look amazing. I’m planning on building a table and bench next year and now I’m thinking angled legs are the way to go. Thanks so much for sharing at To Grandma’s House We Go link party xx

  8. This table is wonderful! Pinning to share. Thanks so much for sharing your projects with us this week at Brag About It! Can’t wait to see what you do next 🙂 Have a wonderful week!

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