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Okay, I finally got around to adding the “Find It” section to the Find It, Fix It or Build It website! Building and painting is just too fun so I’ve been putting all of my time towards that instead.

What will you find in the “Find It” section? All of my favorite money-saving tips. This post is a small start, but keep visiting or sign up for our newsletter to get the latest ideas and tips to save money as this list grows. I know I should have waited until I had a longer list to post this, but I’m just too excited about these two programs to wait:)

There are hundreds of cash back programs out there, but I don’t want to recommend any of them to you until I have actually gone through the whole process and received money or gift cards back from the program myself. As I find ones that work and are worth your time I will add them to my “Tried and True” list (I’ve tried too many that take up a lot of my time and don’t end up paying enough to make it worth it).

When I hear about a great cash back program, I’ll put it on a “Gotta Try It” list, then it can graduate to the “Tried and True” list once I test it myself.

Don’t forget to pin this article so you can find it again and see new cash back programs that are added. If you’ve had success with a cash back program, leave a note in the comments. I’d love to try it!

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How to use Ibotta to save money on groceries
I have tried quite a few of the cash back programs for groceries, but a lot of them are filled with things I just don’t buy. Be careful with any of these programs because if you end up buying things you wouldn’t have otherwise bought you’ll end up losing money instead of making money.

My absolute favorite grocery cash back app is IBOTTA. It’s a free app you can download on your phone. You can also sign up online. Use the referral code sobbxdo and you can earn an extra $10 toward your account. Sign up here: $10 towards Ibotta account.



Once you sign up, you’ll have access to all their cash back offers.

    1. CHOOSE A CATEGORY: They have multiple categories, but I almost exclusively use the “Grocery” category.
    2. CHOOSE A STORE (optional): If you only shop at one store, you can look at deals only at that store. Most stores have all the same deals.
    3. UNLOCK REBATES: Before you go shopping, browse through and click “Unlock” on any item you want. Sometimes it will just unlock without you having to do anything and sometimes they’ll have you watch a short ad about a product or ask you a survey question (How often do you buy _______, Highest education level in the home, etc.) for market research purposes. There are two types of rebates. The first is for a specific brand, like this one for $1.00 off Eggo waffles.
      Eggo® Finding Dory Waffles
      $1.00 cash back
      Eggo® Finding Dory Waffles
      The second, and my favorite, is the ANY BRAND offer, like this:


      One Dozen Eggs - Any Brand
      $.25 cash back
      One Dozen Eggs – Any Brand
      Multiple Stores

      Okay, it’s only 25 cents, but it adds up quickly and they’re items you’re probably already buying. Most weeks they have an offer for milk, eggs, bread, and a few fruits and vegetables, etc.

    4. GO SHOPPING: Something else I love about this app that not all apps provide is the ability to unlock a rebate AFTER you buy a product as well, not just before. When I do unlock rebates before, I add them to my grocery list.
    5. VERIFY PURCHASES: For fruits and vegetables, there’s nothing to scan. For the other products, you’ll need to first scan the barcode to verify you bought it, then take a picture of your receipt. (They guide you through all of this step-by-step; it’s very user-friendly).  If you link your store loyalty card to the app you don’t have to do all that (if you do it this way, you do have to unlock rebates BEFORE you go shopping). Once you’ve verified your purchases and they’ve checked it, you’ll receive an email like this that shows you what you’ve earned:                                                                                                          
    6. GET CASH – They add the cash to your account. You can get pain with PayPal, VenMo, or gift cards. I use Walmart gift cards. Ibotta immediately sends your gift card via email. Depending on which store you want the gift card for, there is a minimum amount you have to earn before using it, usually around $20 or $25.
    7. EXTRAS – They have extra bonuses every month to help you earn extra money. You can also invite friends/family to join and create a team, which can help you earn a few more bucks here and there. You can also earn $5 when other people sign up with your code, but they actually have to redeem a rebate (can’t be an ANY BRAND rebate, has to be name brand) within 7 days of signing up for you to get the $5, so make sure you let them know that.
    8. MORE STORES – They also give you discounts at certain stores (i.e., $5 coupon off to Jo-Anns), deals on hotels, etc., where you can get even more cash back!

This process may seem like a hassle, but it really only takes me a couple of minutes here and there. I just scroll through the rebates while watching tv or waiting in the parent pick-up line and unlock the ones I want. When I get home with groceries, I put them all away except for the groceries with Ibotta rebates, then scan them and take a picture of my receipt. You can skip this part if you link your Ibotta account to your grocery store loyalty card. Each shopping trip only makes a few dollars, but when you get to use that $25 gift card on a shopping trip it feels like a whole lot:)

Don’t forget to sign up before your next shopping trip and get $10 towards your account. Click on the green circle to start saving!

Image result for ibotta logo
Join Ibotta and Start Saving Now!



How to use Giving Assistant to save money by getting cash back
I recently found this one and it’s awesome for so many reasons.  They have almost 3,000 stores that you can earn cash back from when you shop online, and they’re stores you actually want to shop at. I’ve seen some other cash back sites that have a bunch of stores I’ve never even heard of or don’t shop at. Giving Assistant gives you cash back for clothing, hotels (Hilton is 7% cash back, which is a lot when you’re staying a couple of nights), etsy, furniture, home decor, Groupon, you name it. You can get cash back from Target, Walmart, eBay, Best Buy, Dollar General and so many more stores. Right now there’s a 20% off your next Amazon order. See what I mean? Places you already shop. If you’re buying it online anyway, might as well get some cash back, right?!
Sign up for Giving Assistant here.


  1. SIGN UP:  To automatically get $5 put on your account use this link – Giving Assistant
  2. FIND A STORE: Search for the store you want to shop at. If you scroll down on their home page, they have a list of Top Stores, Top Categories and Top Weekly Ads. The top weekly ads are a huge deal because not only are you buying something that’s on sale at the store, you’re also getting cash back for it! Click on the store you want, and you’ll see some deals available.
    For example: Click on Cost Plus World Market and you’ll see all the coupon codes available.  There’s a 30% off rugs with the code FRIENDS at checkout. On top of that, when you click through Giving Assistant to get to the World Market site, you get 4% cash back from Giving Assistant. On the right, you’ll see tips that are specific for each store you’re looking at, how amazing is that?! This page lets you know that…

    1. New customers who sign up to receive emails get to take 10% off their next purchase.
    2. Join the World Market Explorer Rewards program to earn shopping perks, such as 15% off offers, exclusive discounts, birthday surprises, coffee rewards, and special coupons.
    3. World Market has a refer-a-friend program, where anyone you refer gets $10 off their first order of $50 or more; and you receive a $10 reward when their purchase is complete.
  3. GET OR DONATE YOUR CASH: You can get paid through PayPal or they can mail a check to you. Here’s one of my favorite things about this program, and the reason for their name: You can donate a percentage (or all) of your money to the charity of your choice. In the example below, “American Red Cross” is chosen and will receive 50% of anything you earn. This is optional. They have hundreds of charities to choose from. Shop online and do a good deed at the same time. Brilliant. We need more companies like this in the world! And when you refer someone to the program you each get $5 towards your account!

Sign up for Giving Assistant before you shop online again!



3. Quick Thoughts App

Quick Thoughts - Make money by taking surveys
Someone recommended this app so I gave it a try. In the first 2 days I made about $12 just from taking surveys. Since then, I’ve only made a dollar or two a day, but if you’re going to waste time on your phone (Candy Crush, or whatever your thing is) might as well make some money from it!
If you qualify and complete a survey you see this.
Image result for quick thoughts survey
If you start taking the survey, but turn out to not be a good candidate for that specific survey, they’ll give you 10 cents for trying. Once you have $10, you can turn this into an Amazon gift card if you have an Android phone or an iTunes gift card if you have an iPhone.
Again, it’s another program that rewards you with a few dollars here and there, but it adds up over time.
UPDATE: It has been a little over a month and so far I’ve made $60 towards Amazon, which is pretty much the same as cash since Amazon sells just about everything. I also tried a handful of other survey apps and none of them were worth it.  If you have one you like, share it in the comments below!


I’ve had this account for a week and just made $10. I still prefer Quick Thoughts (if you’re only going to choose one), but hey, an extra $40 a month from this website still helps!
There are a lot of surveys I start and end up not qualifying for, which is a pain, but whenever this happens they at least give you an extra entry into their $10,000 cash giveaway they do a few times a year.
Here’s a screen shot of my account:
Every 100 points is equivalent to $10. You can get your money from PayPal, Amazon code, iTunes code and a few other ways. You can also use each point as another chance towards winning the $10,000. My 26 chances are from surveys I started but didn’t qualify to finish.
It’s really easy to get started and they walk you through each step. Sign up by clicking the button below!



  1. Wow, I hadn’t heard of a couple of these Cash Back programs. I do enjoy saving money with Ibotta. Thanks for sharing the info at the #HomeMattersParty this week.

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