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After a much longer break than I’d planned, I’m finally ready to post on the blog again! For any of you who are new to this blog…we just moved from Alaska and sold basically everything we own. Starting from scratch has been a lot more work than I’d anticipated, and the best part of it all was definitely the massive decluttering we got to do. Our house now is so bare that we have some cupboards and drawers that aren’t even being used yet, and I love it this way!

Our first priority was getting a couch and a table. I had planned on building the table, but after months of working on moving I was just so, so tired and decided to buy one. To justify buying a table instead of building, I knew I had to get a really great deal on something. THE go-to store for my husband and I is American Furniture Warehouse. It’s almost 3 hours away, but even with the drive and renting a U-haul for the day it was SO worth it. Years ago we bought a couch from them and saved a few thousand dollars compared to the price of the exact same couch at other furniture stores, so we knew that’s where we were going to buy the big stuff.

Two more reasons I love AFW: 1) It’s a warehouse, so they actually have almost all of their furniture in stock, so you get it the day you find it, and 2) The salespeople don’t get commission, so they don’t try to pressure you to buy more than what you can afford.

I don’t get paid or any kind of benefit from any of the stores mentioned here; I just like telling people where to find great deals:)

After looking around for awhile, my husband and I ended up loving the same couch. Miracle! I haven’t taken pictures of our couch yet, so for now I’m using some stock pictures. It’s so soft and comfortable and fits our whole family.

Juliana 3-Piece Sectional


I love the tufting on the arms of the couch, and the nailhead trim. It has just enough detail to make it interesting without being over the top.



For the table, I had a verify specific type of style in mind, and AFW didn’t have anything that would work. Luckily, Cost Plus World Market was just down the street. While my husband was loading up the things we found at AFW, I ran over to World Market to see what they had. They have tons of gorgeous tables, but this was my favorite…


Rustic Java Greyson Dining Table


Usually this table costs $700, which was a lot more than I wanted to spend on just a table (especially since AFW had some tables PLUS all the chairs for around the same price). The awesome thing about World Market is that they have rotating sales all the time, so you just need to wait for them to have their 30% off furniture sale and you can get this table for only $489!

You do have to put it together yourself, but compared to building a table it’s insanely easy. Only 3 steps. Here are the pieces.



First, attach 2 of the legs using the small wood piece and the hardware provided. Do the same to the other set of legs.



Second, use the trestle piece to attach the two sets of legs.



Last, attach the legs to the table top. Flip it over and you’re done! It only takes a few minutes if you have a couple people working on it.



Add the chairs you like. The chairs that are meant to go with the Greyson table are upholstered with cream fabric, which would NOT work for our family with 4 kids, so I chose 4 wood chairs that I thought would look good with the table. They have a bunch of tables and chairs out in the store, so you can mix and match until you find what you like. We found the 2 upholstered chairs for my husband and I at AFW for a little over $100 each. I ScotchGarded them for when a stray sticky hand happens to  find its way to the light fabric.



AFW is also the BEST place I’ve found to buy rugs. They even beat Target and Walmart. This 8×11 rug was under $100!



Now for the hard part…decorating and putting the room together, haha. Not my talent. I found the vase and flowers at Hobby Lobby and used a 40% off coupon.  Not sure what I’ going to do with the walls yet. I definitely want something to add some color.



Don’t forget this idea!




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