Totally regular picture…no staging here:) I think I was trying to take a pic of the new makeup I was trying on, haha. I have almost no pictures of myself, so this is what you get!

Random Facts About Me

Favorite Shows: Psych and Leverage

Favorite Song: Uptown Girl

Favorite Candy: Snickers with almonds

Favorite Music: Top 40 and Hip Hop (embarrassing at my age, but still true)

Favorite Color: Don’t have one! And I don’t understand how anyone can even choose one with all the amazing colors out there!

Favorite Foods: Donuts, french fries, pizza, lava cake with vanilla ice cream

Favorite Restaurant: Original Pancake House

Favorite Fast Food: In-N-Out


Things I Love (aside from the obvious family & religion stuff): Math, dancing, rain, singing (I’m not great at it, or even good, but that doesn’t stop me from belting in the car and at home), laughing out loud, having deep conversations, traveling in the US (especially Hawaii and Florida), psychology, water slides, roller coasters (even though after having kids I have to take motion sickness meds before I go on them), dressing up for Halloween and parties, logic puzzles, Hershey’s chocolate factories, riding my bike (just a few miles here and there, nothing intense), rappelling, going to “the cabin” and staying up late.


The Story

I was looking around on the internet and thought to myself, “You know what the world needs? Another blog about how to save money by repurposing and building furniture. 10,000 blogs just aren’t enough.” So here I am, number 10,001.

When it comes to shopping, I’m straight up cheap. This has led me to DIY all sorts of things. If I can’t find what I want for a great price at a store, then I get something old and fix it up or I build it. It started with me scouring the internet to figure out how to paint some of our old 80s oak furniture. After that was done, I refinished most of the wood furniture in our house. I also went to garage sales, thrift stores and dollar stores and found cheap things that I could make pretty with a can of spray paint(lamps, vases, frames, trays, the doorknobs in my house, etc).

When we sold our first home, I ended up saving THOUSANDS of dollars by staining all the kitchen and bathroom cupboards and painting the entire house. I also framed out all the bathroom mirrors, heightened the baseboards and built shelves. Our second home had the same oak cabinets that our first home did, so I painted those white. In that home I also learned how to install chair railing and build floating shelves.

At some point I decided that whenever I found a cheap/free piece of furniture I now could confidently sand it down, fix it up, and sell it for a nice profit. Having lived in Arizona where cheap and free furniture is easy to find and in Alaska where things are more scarce, I can tell you that wherever you live you can still either save money by fixing used furniture, or make money by reselling it.

At some point I decided that I wanted to start building furniture, too. After being married for years and still having our bed on the ground I wanted to try making a headboard. Using very basic tools, I built it and I loved it. For Mother’s Day my husband got me a Kreg Jig and it was a game-changer. Seriously, one of my favorite things ever.

We’re moving this summer and the cost to ship everything is so high that it’s better if we just sell it all up here in Alaska and start over, which means LOTS of projects for me. With so many projects coming up, I really want to document all of it and maybe help a few people who want to do similar projects (refinishing, building and DIY home decor).

If this is something that interests you at all, just pick a piece of furniture and get started. Go through the trial and error. Learn a new skill. Save money by restoring or building instead of throwing out or buying new.

The feeling of taking something that’s run down and making it useful again or of building and creating is really satisfying; there’s a certain pride that comes with doing things yourself and learning to do something you couldn’t do before.

Try it out: find it, fix it or build it, and see if you actually can do what you thought you couldn’t.


The fam (visiting the new Gilbert, Az temple)


*In case you were wondering, yes, that is a “What About Bob” reference.



January 10, 2017